Thursday, February 7, 2013

everly mae is three months old

our everly mae is changing more and more everyday
for example, yesterday she laughed for the very first time
and today, she rolled over "officially" for the first time
in fact, all the photos below of her on her back were taken after said event
I had put her on her belly for a few pictures
and turns out she wanted to be on her back
and so she got there, so fast I pretty much missed it
I'll be on the lookout for a repeat performance
as we move into February little things are starting to go away
for example, E's "scared face" is starting to be less scared
apparently the sensation of gravity is less scary these days
and when she sneezes, she no longer makes an adorable sigh after each one
again, I guess she is getting used to that sensation
and we are seeing way less sad faces these days
that lip curl was just too much to handle
I love watching Everly take everything in with such a happy stride
even choking on all that spit that constantly overwhelms her
makes our little E laugh instead of cry
and even though some of her "brand new to the world" tendencies are starting to leave
even more fun things are beginning 
so I will stay focussed on those
happy three months everly mae
I do love you more everyday
if that was at all possible 


  1. Every time I think we've reached our peak of fun or cuteness with Noah, it just gets even better. I'm sure you'll have the same experience. She is too cute. I may have to send Luke over in a few weeks so Everly can give him a lesson or two on rolling over.

    1. we love "helping" everly roll over by putting her on her tummy on the sofa, the slight angle gives her the extra boost she needs right now ;)