Monday, April 1, 2013

oh hey, I'm 21 weeks old

why yes, I am actually 21 weeks old today
and because something pretty big happened today, I figured I would be "on time"
with this post
yes lately I've been drooling up a storm 
[something my auntie lovingly points out in every picture!]
chewing on anything I could get my hands [and mouth] on
and have been really beating up ole' Sophie lately
mom knew it was coming, and today, she was right
yes, it is official, I have broke my first tooth
you can see it, feel it, and overall, it's a pretty big deal
  besides the big "breaking news"
I have been loving long lazy hours outside
where I look like I just might fall asleep, but I rather just take it easy
I celebrated my first Easter where I was horribly spoiled by many loving
aunts, cousins, grandmas, grandpas, grammies, and great-grandmas
[seriously, it looked more like a very springy christmas amount of loot!]
so I'll say it here, because mom has really gotten bad about thank you cards lately
thank you for my goodies, I am one lucky, and very loved, little lady
-Everly Mae

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