Friday, May 10, 2013

ten on ten [may 2013]

ten pictures over ten hours on the tenth of each month
my ten hours were really spread over a very long friday
but hey, it's the weekend, and I'm alright with that
1. e sometimes helps me get ready for work in the morning  2. nothing better than a very clean classroom after open house last night  3. classroom color  4. so, yeah, nothing will keep my pencils in my classroom - I started with 65 pencils a week ago, this is what's left  5. my early mother's day present  6. succulents are doing well  7. decided I deserved an afternoon coffee frappuccino only to find out it was happy hour - double score  8. staff b.b.q. for teacher's appreciation this week [this place was kid heaven]  9. oh yeah, there were chickens there too, and a pony, you get the picture  10. beautiful night, and everly was quite the hit

happy ten on ten everyone


  1. Lovely photos, girl! And it sounds like it was a great Friday, too! Especially the cute new phone, hitting Happy Hour, and the BBQ--that location looks so beautiful!

    Oh, and the clean classroom. The thought of a clean classroom sounds amazing. :)

  2. These a beautiful photos, I loved the last one... that's the best time of day - twilight.