Tuesday, September 10, 2013

ten on ten [september 2013]

yesterday, I tried to write here on my little space
but all of the ideas I had
just couldn't come out quite right
my days have been long, and hard
and I am finding it very challenging to be a very good teacher
and mom, all at the same time
[and wife to a husband I rarely see]
last year, I did my job, but that was about it
this year,  I'm really trying to gain balance
and do everything well
but man, the days are long
today, I tried to find a little beauty
in these days where I am finding the need to prioritize even my minutes
so I picked up my iPhone
and caught this -

-organized purees makes a happy mama-

-ready to ride to work, had to wait a few minutes for the sun to come up-

-love walking in my room to find parent donations-

-someone eats breakfast at school, and it isn't me-

-we try to do this-

-she always steals a carrot out of my lunch-

-feeling very lucky to have acquired a retired teacher's library-

-this bike is going to get me my teen legs back, or maybe early 20's-

-trying to keep this classroom organized, since student teaching, I've struggled with my paper stacks-

-my newest vintage purchase, I bought it because my mom has an identical one-

-everly took a nice nap in her swing this afternoon, and I did this, 
maybe in 18 years I'll get some real "me time"-

joining the ten on ten project with Rebekah today!
p.s. I shared 11 photos, shhh, don't tell

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