Thursday, October 10, 2013

ten on ten [october 2013]

Today was non-stop, and I really tried to capture some moments from throughout the day. Unfortunately, they are kind of clumped together, and missing the hours in the middle when I was in crazy teacher mode!  This month Rebekah from A Bit of Sunshine introduced a theme into the photo challenge, pumpkin spice.  After participating in the project for several years, the theme was a breath of fresh air.  It is amazing how a simple theme can refresh things!  Lucky for me, I've been decorated for quite some time now, and even had a trip to the pumpkin farm already planned for this afternoon.  So, here is a little extra pumpkin lovin' for this month's ten on ten.
-5:15 wake-up call, not working for me-

-trying to survive the afternoon grading/end of quarter slump-

-realizing I need to get my pumpkin baking back on, these pieces are my favorite for the season-

-this truck just makes me want to wear a scarf-

-in the dirt, in love-

-um mom, this thing isn't moving-

-this particular farm was small, but made for a great first pumpkin experience for E-

-our yard needs attention-

-but at least some of the leaves are pretty-

-but most are just dead on the ground, which is okay with Everly-

happy ten on ten!


  1. That truck is such a great find--enjoyed all your images.

  2. love your set! that truck is awesome! and the pumpkin patch pics are adorable!