Monday, December 30, 2013

what's in a name - the meaning of Olive Everly

A few months back the name of this blog came to me, before I was even contemplating started a "mommy centered" lifestyle blog.  I just liked the ring of "Olive Everly", and then I started to see all the little meanings behind the name fall into place.  For one, my child is not a great eater, and whenever I find a food that she actually enjoys consuming, I rejoice with a little happy dance.  One night, I pulled a couple olives off the pizza I was about to bake and handed them to Everly, just assuming they were going to be catapulted to the floor with a look of disgust or glee.  Well, to my surprise, Everly not only ate the two little pieces I gave her, she let me know she wanted more.  

Now it really shouldn't surprise me that Everly loves olives, because, I myself love a good black olive. When I was a kid my grandma would put out a little dish of black olives out on the dinner table every Sunday, and I would eat at least half of them, only after popping them on the tip of each of my fingers of course.  

And finally, I remember hearing, or maybe seeing in some cheesy movie, where people would say 'olive juice' in public or whisper the phrase instead of saying 'i love you'.  For some reason,  I just thought that was cute, and made this little blog name even more perfect for my new space, dedicated to loving that little daughter of mine.

^her faces make me so happy^

So there you go - people asked - and I figured I would share - because it wasn't a secret - or monumentally complex - I liked it - it works - Olive Everly

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