Tuesday, December 30, 2014

to new traditions - gingerbread houses on christmas eve

This Christmas was a different one indeed, and our family worked to make new family traditions, because, sometimes, the old ones just don't fit anymore.  I really loved our laid back approach to the day, and one of my favorite parts was our gingerbread house making.  Thankfully Everly found this to be a good time to nap, because after her house was decorated [yes, it is flat because I didn't think to pre-make hers, so with some force, it was quickly demolished, because she's two] we spent about three hours completing our master pieces.  We laughed so hard we cried, mostly because our mom was having some extreme structural issues with her home, and she found herself rebuilding multiple times.  But by the end, we had three standing houses, each with their own areas of glory.  And if you look closely, and know our family, the maker of each house is pretty clear.  And no, they aren't getting 'pinned' anytime soon, and that's okay by us!

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