Sunday, January 4, 2015

Experiences, not things

Maybe I've been watching too much Tiny House Nation, or maybe I'm tired of picking up the house, constantly and relentlessly, just for it to still be messy, but I'm really feeling the need to get rid of the "stuff". As lovers of all things vintage, sometimes it is hard managing collections with craziness. And just when I'm thinking I could really live and love a much smaller space, I remember I own close to 100 pieces of vintage pyrex. So there's that. But really, I want to work over the next few months clearing out and getting organized, because I seriously feel like I never know where anything is, ever, and I'm going mildly insane over it. The other point I'm making here, I promise I'm getting to it, is how thankful I am that our Christmas celebrations focused more on the gift of experiences, rather than things. Everly is now at the prime age for parks, slides, and anything she can climb. And so the idea for a pass to Fairy Tale Town came to mind, and thanks to Everly's grandparents, that wish came true. We've already been twice in less than two weeks and I'm excited to take her there often, especially as the weather warms back up! Here are a few images from our first visit.
daddy isn't even off the slide yet and she's signing 'more'
and saying more too!
And finally, our biggest Christmas surprise started with a bang. Literally, a broken car window that cost $500 to fix (yes, the person took a golf club to the most expensive piece of glass on our car, just to break it, not even to steal something inside). And with this happening just a week before Christmas, it was clear our day in Disneyland this coming January wasn't going to happen while we were in LA for an IB conference. I was pretty crushed, I was feeling so excited to take Everly because every experience has been so different, and I was looking forward to really focussing on her time in the park, and less about going on the "big rides". Well, once again, we were blessed with experience gifts and will now be going to Disneyland in just a couple of weeks!!!  Thanks to our amazing parents who knew that's what we wanted above all other things. 

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