Monday, April 3, 2017

four days and counting

oh spring break, you are calling my name right about now.
I'm feeling beyond spread thin
In the past two months I've gotten over 70 hours of professional development
not to mention losing prep for several weeks for various reasons [on my own accord]
which brings me to my next personal reminder - if I'm ever offered a 120% contract - SAY NO
because this tired is unbearable, and on days when I haven't had my full hour prep
I feel THIS kind of tired

so as I'm feeling on the verge of a working mom meltdown
I'm trying to re-balance myself with blogging
after a major toddler meltdown that ended in not going for an evening walk
I'm proud that I could calmly navigate her bloody screams on the kitchen floor
and now she is cheerfully coloring a hello kitty coloring book
humming to herself, and I'm blogging
because it has been weeks
and it turns out, my mental health can be gauged by this blog
disappear from here too long, and I might just be drowning in working mom-hood

here are a few phone shots that everly prompted me to take on our way to dinner the other week
 she clearly was feeling this particular backdrop
and her belle outfit and matching belle funkos

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