Monday, April 10, 2017

ten on ten [4.10.17]

I rarely keep up with my photo projects anymore, maybe I just need some new inspiration, something different.  this ten on ten happened to fall on spring break, and there was actually sun shining [seriously, rainy spring breaks are not my fav] so it was worth getting the camera out a bit... especially since I have been horrible about taking photos in 2017.

so here are a few more than ten photos from the tenth of this month.
^ev and I seriously colored for two hours in pinkberry - it was a magical mom moment^
^^and I'm super proud of my yard, it is still in the early stages of awesomeness, but if you knew me years ago, you'd be pretty impressed something is blooming too^^

see the ten on ten project here

and while I'm at it
here's a picture of ev wearing her little jacket on her second birthday
so I think we got our money's worth out of this 18 month sized jacket

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