Friday, December 28, 2012

getting miss everly on the road

before the mr. and I had everly
we had grand plans to try to keep our lives as "normal" as possible
and sure, with E you need to be flexible when it comes to timing
and normal tasks always take an extra minute, or two, or three
but for the most part I am very thankful to have a daughter
who still allows us to have our "normal" life
but exponentially better now that she is in it
today we took our first trip to visit auntie meg in oakland
and I have lots of pictures to share
but for now, it's time to snuggle with my baby
who just was out and about from 9 am until after 10 this evening
you rock everly mae, you rock


  1. This picture of your little one is beautiful!

    1. thanks - I never sit by her in the car, so getting to stare at her while she was looking out the window was pretty fun for me, and of course, I couldn't resist snapping a picture while I was at it!