Saturday, December 29, 2012

oh hey, I'm seven weeks old

seven weeks brought me my first christmas
it also meant mom was dressing me in nothing but
reds, greens, santa hats, and ridiculous accessories
not to mention all these christmas outfits got me confused as a boy
too many times to count
but I don't mind
because my girlie christmas outfits included this little number:
so the times I was dressed more like a boy wasn't a bad thing
if you ask me
this week I have decided that I really only like daddy 
giving me my nightly bottle
and while we are talking about bottles, I'm down to only having one a day
which makes my mom a happy mommy
and I make sure to make lots of noises while eating to let them know
how good my food is
I had my first little cold this week
but after a day of rest with my mom I was pretty much back to normal
[too bad it took my parents a few more days to feel the same]
I'm smiling at almost anything these days
here's just a short list of my favorites:
sneezes that disappear
getting my diaper changed 
boobie snacks
when mommy touches my nose 
my dreams
my daddy's funny noises he makes just for me
looking out the windows when I wake up
the almighty awesome ceiling fan [my favorite thing these days]

I've also figured out that smiling can turn into laughing
and it is pretty fun because I shake my whole body while doing it

this seems to make my parents [and everyone else for that fact]
pretty happy
well, time for me to go take a bath
-Everly Mae

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