Thursday, February 14, 2013

lovely things

being the day of love
[at least according to the card companies]
I feel like I should list some of my most lovely things
I love waking up with Everly snuggled as close to me as she can get
and I love the mornings we all get to sleep in together
I love that after her eyes open, a smile is soon to follow
I love that her baby feet never stop moving
and if they have, her hands have taken their place
I love how she makes eyes for her dad
and snuggles into him much differently than she does me
I love when E pretends to be shy and hide her head in the bend of my arm
only to flash her smile once again to whoever may be catching her attention
at that moment

I love how she holds my hand when nursing
or plays with my shirt
I love that moment when I look down only to see her smiling up at me
and I love that even though it has been our biggest challenge
we didn't stop nursing somewhere along the way

I love that after being together for seven years
the mr. and I can spend today just loving our family
I love that we ate leftover Stouffers lasagna for dinner
and that we had six valentines days just the two of us
and one with all three

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