Tuesday, February 12, 2013

oh hey, I'm 14 weeks old

this week I enjoyed another trip to see auntie meg
survived my mom being in class for 16 hours this past weekend
and I officially weigh over 11 pounds
11 pounds 4 ounces to be exact
which brings me to my next big news
drumroll please...
I am now rockin' size one diapers
now, with that being said
the parentals were pretty nervous that first day
because let's face it, these diapers are barely fitting my legs
but so far so good
 other highlights this week included singing some coldplay with mom
while she changed my diaper
dancing to augustana while helping mom with the dishes
playing peek-a-boo while folding laundry
and taking lots of walks in what has been a fairly warm february
 I'm still loving my baby bjorn because my legs are free to kick about
sometimes I even stand up on my moms hands while we walk
it gives me an even better view out 
and while taking a look about I like using all my senses
so lately, I walk with my tongue out, like really out
who says you can't taste air?
-Everly Mae

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