Thursday, July 11, 2013

oh hey, I'm 35 weeks old!

the past two weeks I've been on a non-stop rampage
the only time I'm still is when I'm napping
I'm also making it very hard on mom to take my picture
because as soon as she sits me down
I'm off on my own accord
this week I had a nurse visit for a couple more shots
and the good news is I now weigh 14 lbs 8 oz, which means I gained
almost a whole pound this past month
and that makes my mom a pretty happy lady
this time I had to get two shots, and I made a scrunched up face
when it happened, and then was done
not a single tear
clearly I got my pain tolerance from my auntie
because she was the same way when she was a baby
and my mom was the opposite
[yes, I may have kicked a doctor or two in my day, oops]

lately I've been getting a bit ticklish
sometimes my mom can get me laughing pretty good at my hips
and daddy always gets my belly or neck
all this laughing really shows off my top tooth, and the little one right next to it
which means I officially have three and a half teeth
I still love talking with all animals
and I always smile when mommy brushes my hair
or files my nails
currently my favorite food is mango
and I love pulling my bows off my head to play with
people over eighty still completely fascinate me
this last week I also had my first official play date
and even though I almost slept through the fun
I did get up just in time to play with Aubrey
and I even got to meet a baby smaller than me
four month old Lucy, who had fun at the play date by showing off
her rolling over skills
I'm currently looking forward to next week
more swimming is on the agenda
and mom and dad are letting me try it out on my own a bit more
and the best news, my auntie is coming home
and I get to meet my great, great aunt for the very first time
happy time for me!
-Everly Mae

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