Tuesday, July 16, 2013

oh hey, I'm 36 weeks old [and it is my auntie's birthday]

so yesterday I turned thirty-six weeks old
and today we are celebrating my aunties 24th birthday
so I'll keep things short this week 
so I can go get my party on, all day
but I have to share a few things
my fifth tooth is now popping in
so the official teeth count is two on bottom
and three up top
and all of these teeth means something else
I'm eating!
like actual amounts of food are being ingested
mango and pasta are my favorite
and last night I even ate spoonfuls 
of blueberry yogurt
couldn't get enough of it really
no more ugly faces
no more gagging and choking at the thought of food
just eating like the big girl I am

so, happy birthday to my auntie meg
happy thirty-six weeks to me
and have a good week
-Everly Mae

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