Wednesday, May 14, 2014

picnicking around Lake Merritt

Here is the last of our Mother's Day in Oakland.  It was a perfect day, including a free sandwich from Ike's for the two moms we had in tow.  Can't argue with a $9 picnic lunch for the three of us [Everly pretty much just ate Cheetos, blueberries, and oatmeal raisin cookies, oops].  If you are ever in the area, I do suggest you give Lake Merritt a chance, it is a true Oakland gem that makes me want to visit way more often than I do.  And seeing how my sister lives not even a block from the water, my only issue with this place is she is never going to want to leave, and I can't say that I blame her.
A big thanks to Eleanor for giving Everly this adorable tiger shirt - we absolutely love it!

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