Monday, February 5, 2018

creating little film moments just got a lot easier [one second everyday]

right around the holidays, the one second everyday app starting popping up on my feeds.  quickly, I fell real in love, and even though I normally don't spend $5 on an app, this one is well worth the price of a pinkberry!  even though I don't get a clip everyday, I'm pretty happy with how much I've remembered to catch little glimpses of january.  my plan is to keep this up for the year, but for now, here's a glimpse of our daily lives in january, the moments that maybe didn't make it on the social media accounts individually, but as a compilation, so worth it.  just my phone, and my little dancer!
even though I absolutely love creating my mini-films, they take time, something that I do not always have.  however, this app is a nice little in-between.  if I don't feel like lugging around my camera and shooting a ton of footage, I can always just use my phone and dump little clips into the app.  I just tried the 'freestyle' feature today, which allows you to add multiple clips in one day, not just two like the 'my timeline' version allows for.  I'm impressed with how easy it was to capture and share a day - going to play around with it some more for sure!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

five years of Disneyland magic!

I cannot say that I am much of a fan of facebook these days.  but there is one little piece that I do love, the one that reminds you of old postings and pictures.  this week, I was reminded that we took everly for the first time to disneyland, exactly five years ago this week.  I never really thought that we were going to turn into one of those disneyland families, but we kind of have.  and I wouldn't have it any other way.  every year our adventures in disneyland become a little different, and a lot more exciting.  now that everly is tall enough to ride almost everything, getting to experience some of our favorite attractions with her for the first time is pretty much perfection.

so, inspired by our five years of disneyland magic, I have a few ton of photos to share today!

we've taken more spins on these teacups than I can count
we've found a special spot to take photos with daddy
and mommy
we've really embraced the 'small world' wall
we've found our inner love for tiki at trader sam's
we've gotten our dapper day on
celebrated a big birthday
and renewed our passes several times
we tried the grey stuff - it was delicious
we've taken too many photos in a passageway between frontier land and the castle
we've looked for the white rabbit, but have never found him
we've smiled in front of the castle, a lot
at one time, we would see Minnie Mouse
now we see her mailbox instead, because, you know, her nose
we've taken photos walking
and with princesses
we've worn a lot of glasses...for various reasons
we've taken selfies, without a selfie stick of course, because, well, they're banned
and made some silly faces
and had some really happy faces
and some sleepy ones too
and I wouldn't have wanted these last five years to look any different!
and I may have cried during these fireworks, a few times
I love my disneyland lovin' family!