Monday, December 21, 2020

a winter recital [on Zoom]

well, if there is just a perfect way to end 2020, cancel the nutcracker ballet, replace it with a 'winter ball' streamed on Zoom.  sounds about right.

all sarcasm aside, I was so thankful to give everly this chance to perform.  this chance to feel like just one little piece of her life is normal, when really, nothing else is.

school is still online, indefinitely.

she still cannot see any of her friends, unless it is on an ipad screen.

our holiday plans are getting slimmer by the minute.  

and she's still grieving not having her grandma here with us anymore.

so to say I'm feeling hopeful for a new year, that is the understatement of the century.  

"Underneath the Tree" by Kelly Clarkson
 "Happy X-Mas" by John Lennon

Thursday, November 5, 2020

eight years

eight years old.  that is really hard to comprehend.  you made me a mama eight years ago today, and I couldn't be happier that you did.  

this year you have faced so many challenges and changes.  everyday you find a way to bring a little more joy to those around you.  you are serious, kind, funny, sassy, bold, artistic, loving, and thoughtful.  

right now, you love your american girl dolls.

you love pizza, and plain mixed green salads.

you drink a glass of orange juice every night with dinner.

and have found a love for deserts.

especially nothing bundt cakes.

you now eat chicken, as long as it has plenty of sauce to accompany it.

you draw like there's no tomorrow.

and love creating your own science experiments.

you ballet all day.

you ballet all night.

you are growing even more graceful with each plie and turn.

you love hamilton.  love it.  like haven't listened to anything else but hamilton since july 3.

you love jack's and bento box, and will now finally take me up on a pinkberry run when I suggest it.

chocolate hazelnut with dark chocolate crips, chocolate chips, and of course, mochi. 

you love to match me, and your dolls.

you wish your hair was straight some days, and I wish my hair was curly most days.

you have two little top teeth that refuse to come in; you have six adult teeth fully in.

you are exactly four feet tall, and when I pick you up for even a moment, we almost match in height.

you act like you are ninety too often, and when you do, I call you gertrude.

but when you act like a cute ninety-year old, I call you gertie.

you keep your nona going everyday, which has always been true, but especially true this past month.

we love you to the moon and back baby girl.

try to stay tiny for just a little while longer.

love, your mama

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

a birthday post, one year late

my baby girl is about to turn eight.

I'm going to let that sink in for a moment.

some days she still feels just like my little squishy baby, and other days, a full grown girl.

this fall has been extremely challenging for our family filled with many ups and downs.

I finally made a point to edit her birthday video and I share these bittersweet memories here now.

in just ten days we will celebrate everly's 8th birthday, without her grandma.  this is our first celebration since her passing, and I'm unsure how it will feel.  there will for sure be something missing in that day.

this year has just taken so much.  looking back at these memories keeps me hopeful for when the time begins to shift back to normal. it also has inspired me to get back into blogging.  I am so thankful for the memories I have preserved here on this little page, and hope that I can find my passion here once again.  warning, past memories may be shared here soon.

and now some photos from celebrating seven, and a little mini-film at the end...

here's our mini-film from the day spent with our closest family and friends:

music: "This is Halloween" by the Vitamin String Quartet

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

st. patrick's day - and home learning and teaching

well, I must say this has been an extremely crazy week and a half or so.

yes, we did buy that perfect st. patrick's day outfit for school and dance, just about a week ago.  when we were going to school, and work, and out.  but now, we are on day three of staying home. 

today was my first day of remote teaching, which really means setting up plenty of enrichment opportunities, but due to equity, we have to look at this break as essentially summer.  what do we HOPE our students are doing while they are not in the classroom learning? 

this also pairs with me beginning to homeschool my own daughter.  woah, in a million years I would have never thought that phrase would have been spoken by me, and true.  yes, I am thankful for my credential right now.  however, primary grades are not my jam, but we are doing okay. 

finding time for all the little things that are so easy to say no to during the regular hustle and bustle of our lives has been pretty amazing.  notice the last photo - she is showing off her fresh manicure.  yes ma'am!  good thing I've loved nail polish since my strangely tom-boyish tween/teen years!

so, when my mind starts to get a little overwhelmed with the current state of this pandemic, I just try to focus on the time I am getting with everly that I do not normally have.  and yes, that includes some stir crazy moments, because she is seven, and we are constantly changing our focus.  however, I am thankful for her love of ballet.  yesterday, I think she danced for close to three hours!!!  yes, that is an amazing thing to be thankful for!

so, because I would have tried to share some green loving photos, but if I was working in the traditional sense, there probably would not have been an official blog post to go along, because, yeah, that whole time thing.  but time, that is now one luxury I have.  [seriously, the mr. is currently making beignets in the kitchen right now, we have had that cafe du monde box of beignet mix since last july, but yeah, time] maybe this will mean I will actually have time to blog about that time we went to new orleans last summer?!?
alright, that is all for now.  let's all hang in there - okay?!?  okay.