Tuesday, July 10, 2018

ballerinas [mini film]

everly's first dance recital was a bit of a learning curve for me, but I think we managed things just fine.  because ev dances two days a week, this meant two different dance numbers in her first recital.  she handled everything like a pro, including the quick change behind the curtains back stage.  I really wasn't sure how our semi-shy around strangers girl was going to do when those lights hit her face, but she loved every minute of it!  and for some reason, and I don't really think it has to do with the makeup, but maybe, she looks about twelve in this photo to me.

the studio she dances with allows photography and video during dress rehearsal, but not during the actual performance.  even though everyone didn't necessarily abide by this policy, I loved how I could just be in the moment on the big day.  these photos are from the dress rehearsal - a night that went extremely fast.  two dances practiced on stage and photos with both classes and out within an hour - impressive!
I loved the photos props they had up for the rehearsal night.  we opted just to get a group photo done professionally and everly and I still have on the calendar a day to run around in midtown to take some photos of her in her costumes.  
^and while filming, I managed to sneak in one photo on stage^
here's a peek into our first recital moments - mostly from dress rehearsal and a few moments from the big day!


"rainbow" - Leap! Soundtrack
"when you say nothing at all" - Alison Krauss & Union Station

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

first recital

this past weekend we had everly's first dance recital.  something as simple as a little kid's dance recital can just seem pretty monumental in the moment.  she was just so excited about it all.  especially the makeup.  really, all. the. makeup.  I love how her dance studio leaves it up to the parents if they want to have their child in stage makeup.  but of course, we aren't overly prudish about things like that, so makeup it was.  I let everly put on makeup when she asks, pretty much as long as it can't be seen, and she thinks she's wearing a bit, we are good.  my clear mascara and chapstick are her favorite go-to's.  I love how something I hated so much when dancing as a kid is one of her favorite things.  oh, and it turns out, glossier makeup is perfect for a little one in a performance - clearly wearing makeup, but not too much, and so easy to apply!

I remember when I was a bit older and dancing jazz, our costumes were, well, how can I put this nicely, awful.  like I left the sport for another sport kind of awful.  I always remember admiring the gorgeous tutus of the ballerinas as they ran past me back stage.  and I was stuck in a neon blue full lycra body suit.  when we got everly's first costume, I was so happy for her.  it was exactly what she thought a ballet recital costume should be.  pink.  tutu.  sparkles.  beautiful. because she dances twice a week, she actually got to have two costumes, which of course meant twice the fun.  I loved how one was extremely classic ballet, and the other costume was much more playful.

the topic of the recital has been something that everly has brought up for months now.  talking about the big stage, and the lights, and the audience.  I really didn't know what to expect when it was her turn to go.  she's shy around people she doesn't know.  and even though she can dance like she's in the chorus of the greatest showmen at home, I wasn't sure about in public.

well, she danced her little heart out, and loved it.  I asked her how she felt afterwards, and she exclaimed, "great!"  she's already excited for their next recital in december, the nutcracker. 
thanks to our families who made this day extra special for everly!
excited to put together a little mini-film from the day!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

our home and nostalgia

I've learned over the years, you are either the nostalgic kind of person, or you're not.  I'm nostalgic, through and through.  I think in each of their own ways, my parents were both fairly sentimental.  maybe it is genetic, maybe it is learned, maybe it is a bit of both pieces. 

I love looking through old photographs, storing little treasures in keepsake boxes, and pausing to talk about the past.  it is all good in my book.

when we bought our home over two years ago, we quickly came to learn that it had been owned by the same family since it was built in 1955.  and when one family owns a home for over sixty years, turns out they have a lot of connections to the neighborhood.

the great-grandson of the original owners is still watched a few days a week by one of our neighbors, and he will be in my daughter's kindergarten class next year.  when talking to the younger generations of the family on the front lawn I was shown this image.
immediately, I knew I needed a copy of the photo.  this summer I plan on printing and hanging it in our home, because I'm sentimental.  and I'm in love with this photo.  this was the original family who owned this home, watched it be built from the ground up.  they loved every bit of this home, and the energy they left behind is undeniable.  when we had our home inspection completed, the inspector told us he had never really seen a better taken care of house, especially one built in the 1950's. this home was loved by this family, and we love that we get to have it now. 

today, that glamorous woman in the white dress, holding her baby, sitting on the foundation of our home, is being remembered for her 97 years life.  she was one of the first and last of the original women to live on this street, in a time when women were completely the heart of these neighborhoods.  I'm sad that I never got to meet her; when buying a house, getting too personal with the people you are buying from seems to not be a good idea.  however, I'm glad we shared with her our family photo and a little story about us, and I'm glad she was able to know that she was selling her family home to another family who doesn't plan on leaving it for another sixty years.

rest in peace grace, I love when the neighbor ladies tell me stories about you.  

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

to infinity, and beyond!

we just got back from pixar fest at disneyland!  and thankfully, due to some lovely social media posting, I was able to pinpoint this incredible new buzz wall.  we made a special walk back into california adventure at sunset just to take some photos here and at the new pixar pier. 

and of course, there was a small constant line of people with cameras and phones boomeranging their way to instagram happiness.

here was everly's shot at some buzzworthy fun...
she wasn't too into any 'posed' photo ops - but she did give me a few jumps.  I'll take it!

and for those of you wondering, this wall is located to the right of the monsters inc. ride and to the left of the restrooms at the end of the main drag of hollywood land!

Monday, June 25, 2018

shopping helpers here!

a little while back we were able to get a quick shopping trip in with my best friend, jess, who is expecting her first baby in november!  considering we live over two hours apart, these types of trips feel extra special when they work out.

let's just say when I was planning for my babe almost seven years ago, everything felt a bit different.  there are SO many amazing baby goodies these days.  sure, we had all the unnecessary gear that you really don't need for a baby on the market, but now they have it and more and it is SO stinkin' cute.  I felt like before it was easy to say no to those ridiculous products because let's face it, they were quite unattractive.  no I didn't want that ugly thing to trip over to land on that cheesy looking thing.  so we were able to keep it pretty basic.

however, now it seems that trying to decide on just three cribs sheets - good luck!  and not just the cuteness factor, there is also four thousand different types of cotton to decide from.  seriously people, too many options for these moms-to-be.  
good thing we had some very patient employees at nordstrom that were willing to explain every little feature of every stroller, carseat, etc.  and did we make some decisions, yes, I think so.  ev was such a trooper throughout it all, and even got a balloon out of it.  it wasn't until after I posted the picture that I realized she probably picked the blue balloon for the new little man in her life, because she never picks blue balloons.  

oh everly, I cannot wait to see you in little helper mode with this baby boy!