Sunday, September 2, 2018

summer of disneyland [mini film]

this summer we soaked up two trips to the parks.  it seems that no matter when you go, the parks are pretty full.  but there are some magical hours that need to be attended, and no, I'm not talking actual magic mornings.  I'm just talking the first three to four hours the parks are open.  it is cool, and quiet, and as long as you stay out of tomorrow land [it gets so crowded so fast, and I never really understand why] you can get onto pretty much any ride with a very small wait.

as soon as it crept closer to noon, we would grab a bite to eat and head back to the hotel for a swim and a rest, typically making our way back into the parks around dinner time.  the middle of the day always feels the craziest, and during the summer, the hottest, so we just avoid it altogether.  getting back into the parks just before sunset makes for the most magical photos - the lighting is breathtaking.  and, besides sunset, I always love the parks at night the best.  the lights, oh the twinkling lights, always the best.

here is a look at our summertime moments in disneyland.

music -
bring it on home to me - sam cooke [guardians of the galaxy vol. 2 soundtrack]
when can I see you again - owl city [wreck it ralph soundtrack]
married life - michael giacchino [up soundtrack]
I see the light - mandy moore [tangled soundtrack]

shot on our sony a6000 & a6500

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Thursday, August 23, 2018

ten. and thirty-four.

milestones marked with photos feel just a little extra special.  capturing my family in all of our stages and special times is pretty important to me [understatement].   when celebrating ten years of marriage, I knew that I wanted the amazingly talented sarah maren to capture our family once again in this time and space.

so here is our family, ten years of marriage in the books, and I don't take that milestone lightly.
and today, I'm celebrating thirty-four years of living.  I can say I'm pretty happy with those two numbers.
so when it comes to years, looking forward to thirty-four, this is the picture I have always had in my mind.  feeling beyond lucky that I get to spend enjoying ten years of marriage, and thirty-four years of living.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

baby shower time!

when you have two best friends who are both teachers, you may have an extremely early baby shower.  because, even though her due date isn't until the beginning of november, we know that as soon as we go back to school [we are back at it!!!!] it is pretty much all downhill from there, at least when it comes to planning large social gatherings.

I knew immediately that jess was going to have some type of book themed baby shower, because, duh, a book hoarder having a baby, makes perfect sense to me.

thankfully, being a teacher and a mom of a five year old, I've got books galore!  

now, from the beginning of her time, everly has had a special love for jess.  one of my favorite little recent moments was when we were talking about her big recital day, she asked me who was coming.  I responded by stating all of our family.  her first name out of her mouth, jess.  one day she might actually get that she's not really related to jess, even though we have explained it, she doesn't seem to care.  she picks who her family is, and I'm alright with that!

getting a shower together in three weeks meant some real dedication and focus.  but I like a deadline, if not, I'd still be off crafting up something else, and really, there needs to be a craft line, I just never seem to find it.

somehow, I didn't take more photos of the finished onesies.  but if my five year old did this one with no assistance whatsoever, you can imagine how cute the rest were!  I've never block printed before, but now I'm kind of addicted.  making these stamps were so much fun, quite therapeutic.  I'm hoping to have time to make some more soon!

little succulent favors, because, honestly, that's what I would always want as a shower gift.

this kid ate a lot of watermelon.  being the only child at the shower meant the menu was pretty sophisticated for the likes of a five year old.  but thankfully she's a kid that doesn't eat much from time to time, so we made due for the afternoon.

even though it wasn't a harry potter themed shower, it did get a tad close there at times!  
we just can't help it.
and of course, the guest book was a copy of the tales of beedle the bard.  
when co-hosting a shower, may I always suggest you co-host with a restaurant owner.  because that is what I did, and now only did it take away major amounts of stress from me, it also turned out like this.  not even in a million years could I have figured out a menu of this magnitude.  thank you rosie - I am so thankful for your mad skills. 

the appetizers:
this is however the face of a kid when you give her a vegan, sugar free cupcake.  
she may be used to our boxed cakes!
her position the entire shower - 
'oh, you want me to look and every card and help you with every baby gift, yes please.'
and if you are confused, yes the mama to be did have an outfit change mid shower, because it was july, and we were melting!
saying we are excited for the little guy on the way is a major understatement.  I finally get to play auntie, which seems like a pretty good gig.  

want some amazingly yummy food while in northern california - visit the drawing board [petaluma]
many decorations were from the hearth & hand collection from target
block printing supplies from blick