Wednesday, August 17, 2011

happy national thrift store day

And no, I didn't make that up.  It's actually a real thing.  So, to celebrate, I thrifted, and I thrifted with success.  What else was I to do after a day of staff development that left me a tad dizzy?  Changing schools can also mean re-doing staff training.  Especially in a large district like mine, all schools pilot programs at different times.  So this year, I will pilot the same program for the third time.  Well, at least I'll be able to focus on other things, like getting my masters, and thrifting.
And well, I thought having my pretty new little glasses wrapped in primary writing paper at the thrift store very fitting!


  1. Cute wrap! I wish I would have known about this holiday yesterday- I would have hit the stores today :)

  2. Oops, didn't know about this holiday! I went thrifting yesterday, though.

    Those cups are so charming. What a great find. :)

  3. So lovely! Those glasses are so pretty!

  4. I think thrifting the day before, and the day after is totally acceptable! In fact, I encourage it!