Wednesday, August 24, 2011

i'm going to call this my happy place post

the first week of school can be draining
and I'm thinking my attitude might not be quite in the right place for school #4
I'm trying - but I'm tired of starting over
I keep calling things like the spanish classes preps, and then with very confused faces
reminded they are sections, not preps in middle school
to that, I say whatever, I'm doing my best here people
I'm not going to lie, I thought this transition would be easier
the good news - my kids were better today
and besides the fact that one period has zero reading comprehension
we're looking pretty good
so far...27 has been a tad overwhelming
(yes, all 24 hours of it)
new grade, new school, apparently being the head of the 8th grade history department
master's program looming, taking a week off in a week
seriously, I'm panicking just thinking about it all
so instead...

let's just go to my happy place
twenty-seven did bring this to me
which is more awesomeness than I can explain
and I know that as I get a grip on the rest of my life
this will continue to shine even brighter
our families have caught on to our obsession
and so this year we got some gift certificates to our favorite place
and you better believe the day after our party I was there buying our hutch
SO in LOVE with it
However, bringing this beauty in meant the disposal of two ikea storage containers
not sad to see them go (one to the closet, the other to my mom's garage)
but trying to go through and relocate has been quite the job
and no, I can't take much credit - or any credit
it was all the husband
hopefully I haven't been too cranky while the house was in transition
I can gladly say - things are back together
and I'm a happy camper about that


  1. The first days of school are draining, to be sure...and being at a new school each year compounds the draining effect. Take a deep breath,and know that you will settle in. You'll learn all the strange middle school quirks, and later in life, this middle school experience will come in handy (personal experience in a very similar vein.) Hang in there.

  2. p.s. and the new hutch with filled with pyrex goodness is FAB.

  3. I'm SOOOO behind on your posts! But just caught up! First week is over!! It will get better, it just will! Loved your 1st day grab bag. Prepping for just 1 class and repeating it all day long can be annoying, but the benefit is that by the last period, you don't even need your cheat sheets anymore!

    Rest up this weekend :) I was falling asleep at 7pm tonight ;(

  4. Happy belated birthday!!

    Love your hutch! That's one of the first things I need to get once fiance and I get married and move in together. Your collection is lovely.

  5. What an awesome collection of Pyrex! And so tidily stored! I am glad for having a pantry that I can close the door on. My crockery collection is more of a mess...