Tuesday, September 6, 2011

out of the classroom, but not completely

Yes, it is true that I took off this week for my aunt's wedding, but that doesn't mean that I have completely lost the teacher mode.  Instead, the extra time has gotten me pretty focussed on my 9/11 lesson plans for when I return.  Teaching middle school means I can dig into this event more than I have in the past.  In fact, we just finished our first in class project where students chose three events in American history.  In most cases my students chose September 11th as one of their events.  Most of my students were only three when the attacks occurred but showed an amazing amount of interest in them.  So, what's a school teacher to do while printing out 100 programs for the above mentioned wedding? Well, lesson plan of course!

For me,  I was seventeen when the attacks happened.  I was making my bed and getting ready for school listening to the radio when I heard what was occurring.  I had no idea what it really meant until I went downstairs and witnessed the second plane crashing on t.v.  The day was pretty much a blur as we watched the news the entire day in school, and then again once I got home.  Needless to say, this was the biggest thing that had happened to our country in my life time.  When starting to plan I found a timeline of the events of September 11th that had several videos imbedded.  Well, watching it today is no easier than the day it actually happened.  However, I have found much inspiration for my lessons - discussion & brain pop video as well as some photos for Monday and an art reflection activity on Tuesday.  Also, I'm working out the idea of having the students do a family member interview of their experience of the day, a conversation they most likely haven't had with their families.   I'll start that whole book curriculum on Wednesday - this is important.

I love this image for some inspiration on an art project.  I'm thinking of different mediums to try out, not sure yet.  I also have to keep that whole 55 minute class period in mind!

Here are some links I found helpful for my planning - and even if you aren't a teacher they are worth a gander.

9/11 Lesson Plans
Encountering History: 9/11
Interactive 9/11 Timeline

and a big thank you to Linda at Tales of a Fifth Grade Teacher for all the link inspiration!  Check out her adorable blog that has so many great ideas.  Not to mention, her blog design includes polka dots and owls, so yes, she will now be a daily reader of mine!


  1. what a beautiful lesson plan you have planned! i was living on the east coast when it happened and i was watching the news and i honestly thought i had mistakenly changed the channel and was watching a movie... it was so surreal.

  2. Wow, I love what you planned.. Really nice.