Sunday, October 23, 2011

sunday's "so they said"

Even though the temperatures haven't quite dropped to my standards of "fall", apparently the leaves are disagreeing.  Today - finish report cards on the patio.  But first it's time for "so they said".

With this being my first "end of the quarter" in middle school I had a very interesting week.  Even though we've been in school since August, no one has seemed too concerned about grades until this week.  Well, it doesn't quite work like that.  You ask me why you are failing when you have 12 missing assignments?  Do we really need to have this conversation?

So, this quote comes from COUNTLESS students this week:

"What can I do to raise my grade?"
If you asked last Monday I probably said to turn in any missed assignments.  If you asked Friday, I said nothing, start fresh next week.

Now on a more academically uplifting note, my next "so they said" made me smile.

"Mrs. Lewis, how come I learn more big words in your class than I do in English?"
my response:
"Because I like using big words - duh."
my students found that response pretty comical.  The funniest part was a girl had written down this "big word" (don't ask me what it was at this point) on her hand, and then I guess another one came up and she asked me to repeat it so she could write it down, again, on her hand.  Hey, whatever works!

Go academic language!


  1. One of my students asked if a portion of his good grade could transfer from my class to his science class. I of course sad no, but thought his idea was interesting!

  2. That is an interesting concept - can't blame the kid for trying!

  3. Hi Lyndsay! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for deciding to follow! Your blog looks great, I am going to have a read now!

  4. Today one of my students said, "Ms. Robinson, you are the only teacher that doesn't yell at us. We like you!" After a small moment of confusion I smiled and thanked her. How often does a sub get to hear this?!

    I can't wait to hear more from your students!

  5. Ahh - how great is that! My kids would say that to me last year and it always made me sad that they had so many people yell at them. They are lucky to have you!