Monday, November 7, 2011

catching up

As I found out before, on weekends when I have my masters classes, blogging will not be happening.  So, here's a little catch-up on 30 days hath november

day five: 3 years ago today...kind of.  What was I doing three years ago?  Well, I tried my best.  And, because I'm not planning on using this little tidbit of knowledge I learned in my technology class this weekend, I might as well use it blogging!

this little word web was created using
it could be a really fun brainstorming tool
or a way for kids to make a different version of an "all about me"
at the start of a school year
this year, we'll see if I actually utilize this free online based program
but I'll keep you posted

day six: a book I'm reading

hmmm...does my student's Declaration of Independence projects count?  no, well, that's the best I've got right now!  Want some actual reading suggestions - go check out jessica mae of Confessions of a Book Hoarder who I mentioned here.  She's a book blogger, and puts me most people to shame when it comes to "pleasure reading".

day seven:  my song of the day couldn't be more perfect.  Pandora has been reading my mind when playing "old" coldplay.  With what's been coming out lately from them, I have forgotten how much I really did love what used to grace my cd player oh so frequently.  While getting ready this morning this song came on...and seeing as how we have finally gotten our winter chill here in northern california, it made my morning coffee taste even better.

image here

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