Wednesday, November 16, 2011


It is funny how once you get out of school, meeting friends is a very different process.  The way you make friends can get pretty creative.  This particular couple, Geoff & Lisa, were friended by the husband and I in a very strange way indeed - we shared the same wedding photographer!  Turns out, they also happen to be wedding photographers and we met them when the husband surprised me with a first-year anniversary shoot and they were there, with our wedding photographer, to second-shoot.  We hit it off pretty instantly, and even though we all have pretty busy lives, we still get to see each other for some good-fun shenanigans.

So, I'm getting to the point, I promise.

Day Sixteen - Who Inspires Me

Geoff & Lisa of The Goodness
Not just for their awesome photos they capture of their couples
or their ability to cook from scratch like its nobody's business
but also for this - the darn cutest photo shoot I've seen
and tying it all together with a pretty little bow
they took these photos for their 2nd Wedding Anniversary
go figure!
If you want to see more of their "Up" inspired photos go check out their blog
And yes, there is an "Up" house - in Utah
(who also happens to pretty inspiration, and super blog-stalking worthy!)


  1. You are too kind! We are so happy to have both of you as friends!

  2. What a cute couple! Going to check out their space now!