Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the best way to spread christmas cheer...

is singing loud for all to hear.
I started hanging lights
but decided to take a few pictures instead
until recently I never realized how much I loved the photos that
 used to hang in my dad's office
now one is mine, and hanging some winter cheer around the frame
 just makes me smile
december first is tomorrow - let's do this.


  1. I cannot believe that it is already December! It still feels like September down here in Miami, but there was actually a little frost on my window this morning when I left for school.

    I really like the large Christmas lights. I saw the big bulbs on a house when i was driving home last night and they give the decorations a vintage look.

    I can't wait to go home at then end of the month and help my family decorate for Christmas!

    Happy December!


  2. Elisha - I'm loving the large christmas lights! I used large white bulbs on the tree for the first time & I'm loving the amount of light they put off - their twinkle is pretty awesome!