Monday, January 2, 2012

post holiday decoration blues

well, tomorrow it is back to the grind for me
and knowing I need to start off 2012 fresh
it meant it was time to take down all my christmas decorations 
and well folks, that makes me a little sad
sure my house seems clean & clutter free
but coming home with no twinkly lights to turn on = sad face
so in order to not totally de-festivize the house
I left up my new year decorations for now
and I guess that will just have to do
for now I am going to enjoy my last night of freedom
celebrate the fact that I did not do a SINGLE bit of school work over break
(besides masters homework!)
and try to remember what I am supposed to be teaching tomorrow
I'm thinking something about the 3-branch government system
is ringing a bell
and very quiet bell.

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