Monday, January 23, 2012

so yeah, I'm not one to buy birthday gifts at the mall...

in December my best friend celebrated her birthday
(yes, I realize I'm a tad late on this post)
and I knew that I wanted to have my ridiculously creative friend to help me with her gift
so I helped with the concept
but the rest was all miss Jaymee Srp from Retro Menagerie
I was SO happy with the final product & how perfect it was for my friend
seeing as how she has a thing for books, the way I do about pyrex
I knew exactly the direction we were going to go with the print
and it seems like she liked it too - you can see here where she posted about it on her blog
so yeah for spreading the love - it's a pretty good thing
thanks again to...


  1. "and it seems like she liked it too"
    Ummm...try "she is mortally obsessed with it!"
    Thanks again!