Thursday, January 5, 2012

thrifted it thursdays

this year I've decided to try out a few more regular "weekly" postings
I've enjoyed my "so they said" on sundays
so why not add another day of the week for another passion of mine - thrifting
and more specifically, thrifting pyrex
this week I picked up this turquoise bowl from the  Hostess Oven and Table set
and the funny thing was I was in one of those thrift stores that have the "collectible" section
where they put ALL their pyrex, and it is almost ALWAYS overpriced
you just have to get lucky that you are there on the right "tag color" discount day
however, this bowl was in the regular kitchen section
maybe a fellow thrifter was hiding the piece until the discount day was even higher?
well, sorry, not going to chance it for my first piece of this kind
I'll take the 25% off gladly
oh, and it is hard to hide pyrex from a true collector hoarder of pyrex
now you may notice the interesting stacking I've chosen here
yes, I do actually love this combination with my set of Designs bowls
but truly, things are having to get very creative in my collection display
now while I'm on the topic of thrifting, I actually did thrift the large Designs bowl
at the very same store I found the Turquoise Hostess!
Just about five months apart from each other,
clearly they were meant to be together
Now the littlest guy was not thrifted, but found in an antique mall in Ohio
at a very thrifted price!
so there we go, enough about that - happy thrifting!

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