Wednesday, January 25, 2012

what teachers make

why you may ask do I share this with you?
#1 It is hilarious 
#2 It is so true
#3 Watching this video last night was actually part of my homework
#4 And I haven't gotten a paycheck since December 16th
so I'm feeling a tad punchy at the moment


  1. My husband showed me this video last year and I absolutely LOVED it! It gets me fired up for the school year every September. Every teacher should watch this video!

    And may I ask about the HW assignment? I would have loved to get an assignment like that when I was in grad school.

  2. My masters is in art integration and this class is on poetry. We watched several different poetry videos online and then reflected on form, style, and if we had ways that these videos inspired us to use poetry differently in our classrooms - so for me - this program pretty much is amazing!

  3. Ah, to be inspired .... those were the good old day in college for me. Every so often I would get inspired by a good lecture or a good book. This video moves me every single time I was it.

  4. wow, what power! I love this. Thanks for sharing, I just may have to put it on my blog soon!

    1. I know - I loved it, and just had to share! Yes, spread the love of teaching :)