Saturday, May 26, 2012

different kind of pyrex

lately I've been trying to slow down the collecting just a tad
few reasons
#1 running out of room
#2 most of the easier to find patterns I already have
#3 will be moving one day pretty soon and it will all need to be packed with extreme care
however, vacation pyrex hunting is still always allowed
last weekend we were in the central valley of california
let's just say, lots of cows & dust
however, even though it may not be quite as glorious as the northern or southern parts of the state
I know one thing to be true
I always have the best pyrex luck there
here's the latest addition to the collection
I know very little information on this piece other than it is rare
and us pyrex fanatics call it Musical Staff
it has a little more loving than most of my pieces
but I am noticing that the black pieces do not hold up as well as others
even with some slight wear on the staff and a few edges
no major chips or scratches and it was coming home with me
now it sits on the hutch with my midnight bloom
happy weekend indeed

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