Thursday, July 19, 2012

24 weeks

yes, 24 weeks means two things:
#1 - we missed week 23, you would think I would have more time over the summer
to snap a quick shot, but apparently not
#2 - I'm now officially 6 months along, which seems pretty real
this last week brought some cooler weather, thankfully
and the mr. quickly learned that touching the air conditioning in the car
is no longer an option for him
it was too funny yesterday when I caught him almost turning the air off
and then quickly moved his hand away from the dial, smart man
little lewis is moving SO much these days
not only can I feel her, but the husband has too
not to mention if you are really observant, sometimes you can see her wiggling around
craziness is all I have to say about that
thankfully she is still not keeping me up at night, at least not yet


  1. Just saw you were expecting! Congratulations! Being a mommy is the greatest thing in the world. Enjoy every moment of being pregnant (even the not so glamorous moments)! It goes by too fast!

    1. thanks Linda - and yes, it does go too fast, it seems like I just found out I was pregnant!!!