Saturday, July 21, 2012

just trying to keep cool

this weekend I have class and with temperatures over 100 degrees
and the classroom air only getting so cool
let's just say I was pretty miserable all day
it is pretty bad when you realize that not only are your neighbors
sweetly fanning you
but your professor is too
so tonight the family and I spent some time swimming
and baking cupcakes for tomorrow
because in just two weeks from today
one of our great friends, and classmates
is getting married in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA
so tomorrow
 in the afternoon stretch, when you think you just can't handle any more curriculum talk
we will be taking a little sugar celebration break!


  1. Happy late annivarsary! Those cupcakes look yummy! Stay cool!!

    1. thank you! yes, they were pretty yummy, funfetti is always a hit :)