Thursday, July 5, 2012

stars & stripes and everything in between

yesterday the husband & I celebrated our independence day
and for the first time in a while
we didn't host a b.b.q at our house
but instead, upgraded to a yard with a pool and joined in with my family
and brought our friends too
I guess you could say we had our cake & ate it too
if you are stateside I hope you also enjoyed our wednesday celebration!
oh, and the cookie cake recipe was a hit - try it out for yourself here


  1. Happy Independence lil momma :)

    PS I've given you a blog award, so check out the details if you want to participate! (I think you're too fun and cute and a great teacher--some of the reasons why I award you!)

  2. thanks Rhoda - hope you enjoyed yours too! Thanks for the blog award - I need to get on spreading the love here soon :)