Friday, August 3, 2012

tick tock

I swear I am now at the point where I am hearing
every second pass of every day
it is now august third, school starts in thirteen days
and I still do not have my job back
the district keeps telling me they are almost to my hire date
and that principals just returned to work this week
so things will be moving again soon
but I must admit that the anticipation this year is killing me
and with the school year starting a week early this year
these days just keep flying by
and my phone is just not ringing
my 8th grade classroom [2011-2012]
Now I think the worst part of all the waiting is the fact that I really have no idea what I am waiting for.  I am credentialed to teach anything from kindergarten through eighth grade, and in some capacity, I have taught all of those grades, except for 7th.  In that time I have also learned that I am much more fit for an upper grade classroom, anything below 4th and things get a little sketchy for me.  So for right now, as I wait for the phone to ring, I am trying to picture myself either sorting primary colored bears with five year olds, or possibly teaching Shakespeare to thirteen year olds.  

After last year I had decided that middle school was a great fit for me.  I was able to really focus on each and every lesson, a way that elementary teachers would never have time to do with so many different lessons and subjects taught each and every day.  I also loved the age group, and hey, if no one else wants to teach teenagers, let me have them.  There was always a saying in my district that once you got in middle school, you were pretty much stuck there.  I guess there aren't many of us out there that are die hard middle school lovers.  So I was thinking this was great news for me, win win all around.  However, this summer I have now been told that I am not "highly qualified" to teach a straight middle school history classroom because my supplement is not NCLB approved, only approved by the state of California.  So after teaching a year of history, I am less qualified to do so this coming school year.  Makes perfect sense, right? 

And with that, the possibilities of where and what I will be teaching next year has swung wide open.  With over six possible cities and over fifty schools I may be placed at, I must admit it is hard not to start hyperventilating.  Oh, and this year, I actually will need help setting up my classroom, seeing as I'm six months pregnant.  Last year I did it all on my own, with time to spare.  This year, I'm just hoping that I hear today so I can give the mr. & my mom some notice to get a day off.  The husband is off on Monday, so fingers crossed I hear today so we can get to work first thing Monday morning.  That will give me seven days to get things together.  

So, to sum things up.  Budget cuts suck.  Being laid off sucks.  Moving schools sucks.  Changing grades sucks.  Not knowing is the worst.  And the best part of all of it, 
your ability to teach plays no part in any of this.  

Going into my 6th year of teaching, at my 5th school, in my 7th grade level.
and they wonder why people are not pursuing careers in education right now
just re-hire me folks, so this rant can be done


  1. I'm saddened to hear this. You sound like a very dedicated teacher and you definitely belong in the classroom. Good luck to you. I'm sure everything will turn out all right in the end. I remember I didn't get called back from the principal until August 21 but we start school the day after Labor Day.

    1. thanks jenn - yes, I know too many of us are having to do the waiting game, it just is too bad the system is set up this way.

  2. Ugh, how stressful for you! I'm hoping you get some good news really soon!

    They do a lot of contract placements here too, B. works for the government and it's annoying how every job is a yearly contract rather than something permanent. So I can sympathise!

    1. wow, that is interesting to hear that you guys do that with government positions, and yes, you do understand! the craziest part of my situation is they consider me a "permanent" employee, but when the state doesn't have the money, the district plays very conservative, leading to a ton of layoffs, and many people being rehired shortly thereafter!

  3. I am so sorry that you are going through this! You are a fantastic teacher that thinks outside of the box and makes lessons come alive for your students! I hope you here from a school soon!

    Keep your chin up friend!!

    1. thank you, I'm trying. hoping now to hear first thing monday morning, please, let it be monday!!!

  4. I do not like that you're going through this again! We need the best of the best to pursue teaching in education, and this definitely makes it frustrating and makes others shy away from the profession.

    You are one amazing teacher. Praying that things happen ASAP!

    1. thanks Rhoda - I can use all the positive thoughts I can get! Didn't happen today, hopefully tomorrow. The anticipation of what I am going to be teaching next year is killing me. If I would have only known this when I got my credential, I most likely would have done single subject instead :)