Tuesday, October 16, 2012

it's halloween time at disneyland

and the mr. and I got to experience it this past weekend
for years now we have talked about going to Disneyland for Halloween
but it just never seemed to happen
so when October rolled around this year we figured we had two really great reasons to 
make sure the trip happened this year:
#1 we have a season pass, so the weekend was pretty inexpensive for us
#2 it was going to be our last weekend away before Everly arrives
here is just a quick glance at our trip according to my phone
and I look forward to sharing some "real photos" later this week
now the weekend didn't go off without a few little hitches
like when I cut the top of my two toes pretty bad while walking into a Taco Bell
and let me just say, bleeding in the middle of a fast food joint
 is something I could have done without
not to mention, real shoes were no longer an option for the rest of the trip
but thankfully the flip flops did the trick
the other big issue - the park was PACKED
the husband and I just tied to take it all in
and realize that we will go back in February when the experience is a little calmer
and lastly, I've developed this fun little inner leg cramp/twitch thing
that comes out of nowhere, and lasts just a few seconds
but I look like a spaz when it hits me, and yes, I think many people around me
probably thought I was going into labor
but oh well

all in all, considering I was nine months pregnant on this little trip
I would say we did pretty well!

on another note, tomorrow is my last day of work before maternity leave
and yes, I am SO ready for it!

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