Saturday, November 3, 2012

38 weeks

well, we are coming to the end of my 38th week
the waiting game is interesting to say the least
you never know when the day is going to come
right now things are so calm and I have so much free time
[like I have never seen my sink so dish free in years]
and I know in a blink of an eye everything will be very different
but I just couldn't tell you how
even though the unknown can be scary
the mr. and I are getting very excited
 and since I have made it to my masters class this weekend
[the one thing I asked Everly to do for me]
we are officially getting on some of those natural induction tricks my midwives 
have been mentioning lately
so tonight I will be drinking organic raspberry leaf tea
[even though I HATE tea]
wish me luck, it is seriously waiting for me on the coffee table right now
and I'm scared
yes, drinking tea, that is what I'm scared of right now
trying to keep things in perspective


  1. Tea - beurk ! No wonder you're scared.
    My friend had a Dairy Queen Banana Split one evening and delivered the next day. Since this happened for both kids, we laughingly say that the banana split triggered her labour. Might be worth a try ! LOL Much better tasting than tea for sure !
    Hope you have a swift and safe delivery and a healthy baby !

    1. thank you, tonight's helping wasn't as bad - I somehow figured out how to drink it without really smelling it first! it seemed to help, but yes, anything from Dairy Queen sounds like a much better jump starter :)

  2. Yea! Little E is on her way any time now! What a wonderful Thanksgiving blessing she will be!

  3. Aww, I had my son at 38 weeks. His birthday is on the 24th- my little turkey. Your lil sweetie will be here any day and I wish you every happiness as you welcome her into the world. Congrats Momma! Trust yourself, you are handpicked for this honor. Best wishes.