Monday, November 12, 2012

oh hey, I'm one week old

I cannot believe that our little Everly has already been here for one whole week
I'm feeling very lucky to have fallen into motherhood fairly easily
we have been blessed with a healthy baby who sleeps
our biggest challenge this week has been keeping the weight on Everly 
I was pretty sure I would have an eight pound baby
and instead, I had a baby who weighed 6lbs 13oz at birth
and then by wednesday she had lost 13% of her body weight 
dropping down to 5lbs 15oz
now considering everything that could happen to a baby,
we knew this was a very manageable situation
but being a new mama and just seeing your little one get smaller by the day
wasn't the easiest thing to handle 
but after a few tears and some great support from the mr.
we powered through, knew that everything would be fine
it just might take time
so since wednesday we have been working around the clock to keep the 
little lady fed and full
which meant supplementing with formula
and we used a little syringe to feed her to not interfere with nursing
four dr. visits later we are officially moving in the right direction
and today we found out she weighs 6lbs 4 oz
and yes, the husband did hi-five Everly after we took her off the scale
very proud moment for these new parents 

so happy one week of life miss Everly Mae


  1. Well how can you not be happy with a cute little one like Everly! Enjoy your time together she is adorable!!

  2. Awww, congrats on being a mama for one week!