Tuesday, December 18, 2012

oh hey, I'm six weeks old

I'm six weeks old now
and life is really getting interesting
mom brings me pretty much anywhere 
and now that I'm bigger I get to ride around in her Baby Bjorn
and I get some of my best sleep in that thing
I now weigh 9 pounds 3 ounces 
even though nobody seems to think I'm that big
apparently I carry my weight well ;)
and I'm finding some newborn outfits to be a bit snug
however, some onesies are still swimming on me, so go figure
my mom is loving my new weight gain
she keeps squeezing my thighs when she's wearing me
and it seems to make her pretty happy
and as you can see from above
I am very happy when I wake up in the morning
and so is mom because I now sleep through the night
I also have decided that blowing bubbles is fun
I think that's all for now
-Everly Mae

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