Monday, February 4, 2013

oh hey, I'm thirteen weeks old

so today I turned 13 weeks old
and something very exciting might have happened today
well, exciting to me
the hohos my mom ordered for me came in the mail today
thankfully mom had super stealth hearing and knew the post lady was outside
because she didn't even ring the door bell
but guess what, mom and I caught her 
[in our p.j's of course]
and you guessed it, she was standing there
writing out the "sorry we missed you slip" with the package we have been
anxiously awaiting
hey, thanks lady for not ringing the door bell
but anyways, mom and I couldn't wait to open up our hohos
and once we did, this happened shortly after
in case you are curious, hohos are made by Crystal of Little Bit Funky
she sells them via her instagram @littlebitfunky
or you can email her to get on a wait list for one -
mom got mine through the instagram option, and let's just say
they go quick, which is in understatement
like in 3 seconds kind of fast
but thankfully I was hungry one morning around 6 a.m.
and when this happens, mom has a hard time falling back to sleep
because, well, let's face it, she was normally almost out the door for work
at that time before I came around
so anyways, back to hohos, she grabbed one that morning
by literally pushing refresh on her phone about a hundred times
and described the experience of getting one as 
"being on a mom hoho high" to my auntie meg
which might have caused auntie meg to choke on her coffee
but hey, my mom is pretty silly like that
so there you go, week 13 is done
and the start of 14 sure wasn't bad
-Everly Mae

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  1. Congrats on being an teenweeker!! Just as cute as ever!