Sunday, March 3, 2013

and now we say goodbye to this little space

last night we had a moving party.  the decor was stacks of boxes and the menu was pizza.  we had just a few close friends over and enjoyed our balcony and little apartment one more time on a Saturday night.  we enjoyed the strangely warm march evening, played some games, and of course, everly was quite the hit of the party.
I have had a love affair with this flat.  I have loved it's yellow walls, the black and white kitchen tiles, the claw foot bathtub, and most importantly, we live on "the" street of midtown.  we have enjoyed many evenings of people watching on the balcony.  we don't hear the cars anymore, and I have a feeling that when we move, even though it is only ten minutes away, the nights are going to sound strangely quiet.  and even though I have loved this place, it is time to say goodbye.

this was the home that the mr. and I moved into just three short months after we were married.  it has been the first place other than my childhood house that I really felt I could call home.  it was the place that the husband and I realized our obsession with the sixties and all things vintage, and filled it to beyond capacity.  it has been a home that we could invite friends and family over, and have enjoyed many patio parties and b.b.q's.  and most importantly, it was the place we realized we were expecting, it's the bathtub I labored in for hours, and the home where we brought our everly for the very first time.  it was the space we learned how to be parents, and enjoyed our first four months with the best thing that has ever happened to us.

but here's the thing, my love for this place has run its course.  we have beyond outgrown this one bedroom, one closet, friends have to line up in the hallway when we serve dinner, little apartment.  our closet was literally busting at the seams, and the thought of childproofing this space became overwhelming.  we weren't looking to move per se, but we happened upon the home as we were driving one day, knew it was in the neighborhood we hope to buy in in the near future, and the price was right.  not to mention, it is a home.  no shared walls, no need to keep my clicking work shoes off until I get to the door.  instead, we will have three bedrooms, four closets, a kitchen that multiple people can stand in at the same time, a garage, a front porch, and a whole stinkin backyard just for us.  this new space will be ours for the next year, or two, or three.  it will be the home where everly learns to crawl, takes her first steps, and begins talking.  we will make it ours, enjoy entertaining and the holidays just a little bit more, and start feeling even more grown up.

it's time.  so now we say goodbye to this little space.

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