Friday, May 31, 2013

saying goodbye to another school year [almost]

I can honestly say I am pretty shocked to be saying goodbye to my sixth year of teaching
today was our last friday of the year, and we only have two and a half days more
[I really wish today was the last day - that last days of school are tricky]
with all that has been going on lately, I have neglected to share something awesome
this is the first year, ever, that I have not been laid off
and even better, I get to stay at my current school site 
[thank goodness, because my commute is about five minutes!]
last week I had a student leave school early to spend the summer in the middle east
and as he said goodbye, he said
"see you next year Mrs. Lewis"
now, that doesn't seem like much, but to know that I have students that I will get to see
me again is pretty amazing
I almost got emotional, almost
so the walls are bare
and stacks of paper are needed to be given back to students
[and a ton of grading too, but we will ignore that for the moment]
and so this year comes to a close
and it has been a weird one to say the least
never before have I left my class for half a year
but having a baby will do that to you
and I really struggled to find my passion in teaching
which was hard, because I really felt like last year I was on an awesome
teaching roll
so I say goodbye to the year, thankful for many things
ready to spend so many hours with my everly
and will do it all over again, next year

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