Friday, July 5, 2013

Everly Mae is eight months old!

Everyday, Everly, you seem to be getting so grown up.  You came out with personality, but lately, that personality seems to resemble a little girl, not a baby.  As I write this you are sleeping on my lap, and I know that I am so lucky every time you fall asleep this way.  You seem to need me a little less everyday when we sleep, and I'm so thankful you are finding your independence, but a little sad too.  Just yesterday you slept on your tummy in your great-gram's family room, all by yourself for the first time.  No swing, no ergo, no person.  Just you, and yes, it was a big deal for your mama.  My little Everly, you are talking up a storm, you think you can walk, and swim, and you will soon, and we are going to enjoy every single day of it as you find your way.
Saying I love you Everly is an extreme understatement.
You have turned me into a pretty sappy mama, and I'm ok with that.
Happy eight months Everly Mae!

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