Monday, July 1, 2013

why we decided to head to disneyland [for another year]

Last year we bought season passes to Disneyland for the very first time, and found out I was pregnant two weeks later.  We took full advantage of our passes, even though I took up a little more space on the rides each time we visited.  When we visited the park in January and took Everly for the first time, we said we would take a year off and buy passes again next year.  Well, last week we were in southern California for vacation, and each day we were down there I was dying not going to Disneyland.  Finally, I woke up one morning and decided we were getting our passes, that very day.  The last two months have pretty much sucked financially.  Between crazy vet bills, crappy car situations, and so on, I was ready to spend money on something fun.  Not to mention, we only have our family friends down near Disneyland for one more year before they move, so the Disney stars were aligned so to say, and we bought our passes.  It was a little happy graduation to me present!

The first day we went, we rocked it hard for nine hours.  And Everly loved it.  We decided to start on the Pirates of the Caribbean to see how she was going to do on rides now that she's older.  Well, the drops in the dark didn't slow her down.  However, no matter what ride we went on, she had a very serious face.  So much stimulation, and very serious about Disneyland, clearly.
^^^visiting where we got engaged just over six years ago^^^

^^^first ride pirates was a success, jumping around too much to get a clear photo - and no stroller for us in Disneyland [we don't own one], naps in the Ergo do the job when on the go, and you can still ride "kid friendly rides"^^^

^^^serious ride face^^^

^^^I would say this parade that we just happened to walk by was one of my favorite Everly moments, ever!  She was having the time of her life, and catching the attention of everyone on the floats.  Seeing your little one having that much fun, especially so young, was worth everything^^^

^^^our "real" attempt at watching a parade on the second day wasn't as successful, which sounds about right.  Everly still checked everything out, but I think was still tired from the day before.  Even though she just woke up from a very long nap in the Ergo, she was rubbing her little face the whole time.  We took her home right after^^^

Had such an amazing time with my little family.  Hope that this year we get to take our extended families with us to visit the park with Everly, because, really, it is just too much fun!