Monday, August 26, 2013

chewbeads [mommy approved]

I'm not a designer purse girl, or into name brand clothing.  But guess what?  This girl likes her some mommy goods.  With that being said, my jewelry has survived pretty well the first nine months of being a mom, but let's just say the beads have hit the floor lately, literally.  My babe is strong, and teething, and playful, and I needed to find a better option, because my super old forever 21 necklaces just weren't cutting it anymore.  I had seen some of the teething necklaces before in those yuppie mommy boutiques, and never really paid too much attention to them.  However, last week I decided to do a little online search, stumbled onto Chewbeads, and made an order.  The Mr. and I still had some Amazon gift card money from our Easter egg change loot, so I made the big purchase.  The necklace isn't a bargain, but manageable, and when it came in the mail today, I was pretty excited.  And guess who else is pretty happy with this purchase...

Everly and I were having fun with these beads today.  They are great for gnawing on and they have a really pleasant scent to them [the scent I wish our Sophie giraffe had!].  I really loved when I would start chewing on a bead with Everly and she would give me the silliest look, and take the beads from me, like, mom, these are for me.  So, bottom line, I totally recommend this necklace.  It comes in a ton of colors, and a couple of styles, and I kind of want another one.  [See, mom product obsessed, guilty as charged].  

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