Monday, August 5, 2013

everly mae is nine months old

Nine months ago today I had you, my Everly.  Thinking of all of the wonderful ways you have grown and changed, the personality that you have becomes clearer each and every day.  This past week you have really started to feel like quite the little lady.  You laugh all of the time, and that smile of yours gets bigger and brighter with each passing day.  Now when you smile, that mouth full of teeth is such the opposite to your petite frame, you still seem far too young to have so many teeth, but they give you even more character.  Now you stand so tall and sturdy, and cruise around the coffee table, and use all of the chairs as your own personal walking devices.  You and Luna chase each other around the house, play with string together, and truly have become best buds.  I love the way you talk yourself to sleep, sometimes humming, other times, making quite the spectacle.  These little things are so uniquely you, and I love them all.  Now when we are eating you have already mastered shaking your head "no" when full, or not into whatever I'm feeding you.  You are playful, determined, and have brought so much joy to our entire family.  Strangers adore you, and there is always plenty to talk about when it comes to you my dear.  Clapping your little hands, giving hugs, and practically leaping into my arms after I'm done changing you, these are some of my favorite moments right now.  And by next month, the list will be added to and changed, and I'm so excited that I get to watch you grow, and call you my own. 
 Everly, thank you for all that you do.
We love you to pieces, understatement of the century.
Happy nine months Everly Mae!!!
[and that beautiful motel chair that is popping up in all of everly's photos lately are thanks to my amazing in-laws who got me a pair for graduation, and now make for the BEST photo spot too]

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