Saturday, August 31, 2013

oh hey, I'm 43 weeks old

lately, life is all about standing
I stand everywhere, all by myself
and just to show off how strong my legs are
I like standing up from a sitting position
no hands to help me up, all leg muscles
my other favorite past time is to move all of our furniture
my parents just don't seem like they know where to put the stuff
so I show them new ways to configure our coffee table
the bar stools are always put in the same place, so I like to mix it up
and my favorite furniture pieces to move are the kitchen chairs
because man, they move so easily
mom now has her phone ready to go at all times
because any day now, I'll probably be taking my first steps
we will just have to wait and see
tooth number seven has officially made it's appearance
and I'm eating three meals a day of "real" food
a nice little mixture of solids, purees, and of course, boobie snacks
my high chair is still my favorite place to hang out
[as long as there are blueberries present]
and I'm getting in a little more play time in my crib and play pen
hopefully, next week mom will have a better photo of me standing
but hey, at least she has a few cute pictures of me in my high chair
until next week
-Everly Mae

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