Wednesday, August 7, 2013

the best august

Typically, life in this part of the country can be pretty unbearable in the month of August. So far, we have been blessed with some amazing weather, [I haven't been swimming in weeks] and people walking by my porch right now are even wearing sweaters!  I will take the high in the eighties and cool delta breeze at night each and every day that we get it. The thought of returning to school next week when it isn't 110 out really makes me smile.

So for now, we will enjoy each night that we get with daddy before he goes back to working nights [and this mama working days]. And we will surely soak up the cooler weather, and the few clouds that are actually found in the sky.  It is amazing how nicer weather can really put you in a better mood about things in general, just what we needed in the dreaded month of august.  I really do feel like summers have become exponentially shorter in the past few years.  Just saying.

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