Thursday, September 5, 2013

happy ten months everly mae

Everly Mae.  You make each and every one of these crazy days oh so worth it.  I wish that today was an easier day.  I wish that is wasn't so long, or busy, or that my foot didn't hurt like crazy from teaching on linoleum floors in less than perfect shoes.  I said to you yesterday that today we were going to be lazy.  And well, that just didn't happen.  There are always baths to be had, and high chairs to clean, and laundry to ignore.  And even though it all seems like too much right in this very moment, you make it all better. 

Your toothy grin is now your favorite accessory, and I swear that smile of yours gets bigger every day.  You are now such a big girl that you can climb off not only the sofa by yourself, but also our bed.  You are quite careful and confident with each movement you make.  I love that your are bite sized, and that you have allowed me to feel like I have a baby for just a little longer than others.  I love that you laugh so often, and have kept your amazingly easy nature. 

And even when you woke your mama up at 3:30 this morning for no apparent reason, I still loved each moment I had to snuggle with you, and the moments when I sang you back to sleep [even though I woke up humming the tune to the Pirates of the Caribbean, but I guess that is all part of the job]. 

Finally, you have come through your first real injury like a champ, I wish your parents could say they fared as well with the whole event.  Your little right eye is back to normal, and all of our positive thoughts paid off with no long term damage or scar tissue.  We are blessed.
we love you Everly Mae
happy ten months

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