Wednesday, September 11, 2013

oh hey, I'm 45 weeks old!

fun and games
that is what I am all about lately
I love playing peek a boo, but not the baby version of this game
instead, I love finding things to hide behind, and then I crane my neck
to see who's ready to play with me
I also love "running" away from mom and dad
they still always seems to catch me
probably because I stop and giggle too much while trying to get away
but that's okay
because I like when they catch me too
I also love playing on our big bed
I can stand on it, and when I fall down, it is so cushy it makes me smile and laugh
oh, and if you want to chase me around and tickle my tummy
well, I'll be pretty into that too
besides having so much fun playing with anyone around
I also have learned how to put on mom's chewbeads
and I think it is pretty fun to try them on so many times a day

this week I tried some pumpkin puree for the first time
it was mixed with bananas, and mmmm it was good
I ate the entire pouch last night, and for me, that's a big deal
even after I had a good helping big girl food
I am standing up all of the time
and I can stand, hold things, and even do a little dance, pretty impresive
and least my mom thinks so
but no first steps, not yet
for quite some time I've been babbling dada, to pretty much anything
well, yesterday I started babbling mama, again, to anything
the wall, the plastic cup, the dog walking by
but hey, we are moving in the right direction
until next week
-everly mae

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