Saturday, September 28, 2013

oh hey, I'm 47 weeks old

sorry I haven't been writing lately
I've been too busy re-arranging my home
I am currently liking an open concept space
with all coffee and end tables pushed to the sides of the room
this allows me maximum play space
lately I've also been helping mom and dad with everything
you want me to put away laundry?
consider it done
well, maybe not done, but I will gladly pull every piece out of the basket
throw it over my head behind me
and go back for more
mom and me also went through the shoes in my closet
turns out my foot is growing pretty fast
and I'm in between baby shoes, and the shoes I actually need for walking
so I guess we will be on the hunt for those
[and mom is taking any suggestions]
we also ripped apart my room and put away all of the little clothes I've grown out of
[and no, mom isn't ready to get rid of any of it yet]
we are officially gearing up for fall
mom loves the chilly weather for extra long snuggles
and my mom and dad even picked out some special fall clothes for me last night
in other news, I got a new baby doctor
and man, was mom a happy lady after my check-up
I now weigh 16 pounds 1 ounce
and according to this doctor, that puts me in the 10th percentile for weight
which we are all great with
dad called my new doctor "an old hippie"
and we kind of love that about him
he pointed out how I have great weight on my thighs
and my chin and cheeks, and that no part of me looks too little
finally, someone who gets that I'm just tiny
and mom was very happy to have a "professional" see more than my numbers
finally, I am very close to walking
I even took a half step at my grammy's house this past week
but only my mom saw it
so everyone is looking forward to a repeat performance
-Everly Mae

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